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To Promote the use of the Sean Equation

Sean Moffit:

Sean Wellingshire Moffit (1817-1903)

The great English mathematician of the eighteenth century, Moffit is best known for his invention of the Sean. A Sean is a geometric unit of measurement used to quantify angles.

2degrees = 1Sean(Se)

Alhtough he is best remembered for his mathematical work, Professor Moffit also had many other interest. Moffit also owned and opreated Londons top Brothel, and provided "entertainment" to American troops during the Boxer Rebellion in China. Professor Moffit was truly a great man, and a mathematical genius.


A Sean:

A Sean

A Sean is a less common form of measurement in the mathematical world. Nevertheless, the Sean is usefull in many mathematical situations. The Sean is named after the great English mathematician Sean Wellingshire Moffit who lived during the eighteenth century. Sean believed that a new type of measurement was needed for measuring angles. Of course the standard measurement for angles is degrees, which can be divided into seconds and minutes. However, Sean believed that a larger measurement than degrees would be usefull. A Sean is typically used when measuring large angles, and is often used in construction. Professor Sean Wellingshire Moffit concluded that two degrees should equal one Sean 2degrees = 1Sean(Se) --

The Sean:

The Sean is unit of measurement according to the Glenco's "Gemoeters Sketchpad" book. According to author Mark Hellinger, the Sean is a unit of measurement that is typically used for measuring large angles, much like minutes and seconds are used to measure smaller angles. The equation for Sean is 1 Sean(Se)= 2 Degrees. --

The Sean Equation is a straight forward equation with various practical uses. The measurment of the Sean has long been used by engineers to simplify measuring larger angles. The Sean is similar to minutes and seconds in that it an alternative way to measure degrees and radians. 

2degrees = 1Sean(Se)


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